iComputer Assisted Sailing
Now also based on the RoboSail technology

Tree projects in one; Autonomus aim to win the MicroTransat competition by be the first ever to complete the task, SmartSails moves sensors in to sails to be able to trim sails more optimal, and Syllogic implements the technology from the other projects + the origional Robosail Project and aim to become a computer assisted self learning single handed regatta boat in world class....

Smart Sail™ is the software that is used to control the sensors that is mounted on Smart Sail™, the sensor Smart Sensors™. This patented technology use used to find optimal trim for sails on sailing vessels. This technology consists of many tiny sensors that are used to measure a sails performance. A minimum of two sensors pr. Sail is needed (limited performance), and 18 typically. A full system normally contains 36 or more sensors + one base station and one or more iPad/iPhone for display. The Smart Base™ (base station) sniffs the onboard NMEA or SeaTalk buss, and transmit a subset of values to the Smart Sail system. The Smart Devices only records sensor data, calibrate it according to factory calibration values, and transmits data to the receiving iOS smart device. It is possible to use more than one smart device at a time, several devices can be used for several stations, and give different information if needed. One license is needed pr. iOS smart device, and up to 3 devices can be connected. To use more than 3 smart devices a pro. license, and support agreement must be purchased. It is then possible to use up to 10 devices. For even more units, contact 9Tek AS.

To test various sides of this we also run the Autonomous project at «Høyskolen I Vestfold» a technical University college. Every year we have around 7 bachelor students that work on small parts of this project.

In addition we are working on the Odys software from the
Robosail project, and the electric component this involves. The goal is to incorperate the SmartSail technology into the Odys software to make it even smarter.

We hope the new technology will be ready for the marked 2017-2018.

Terje Nilsen CTO at 9Tek AS, NORWAY.
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Smart Sail™, Smart Sensor™ and Smart Base™ is patent pending by 9Tek AS.