Work on the new Autopilot is started

The new GPU III (Beaglebone Black & Linux based) is mostly ready. Sow work can proceed.
I have spent much time on setting pup test environment and simulators.

Now I am in the process of starting the work on the new Autopilot (IRCU4).
The Old one is disassembled, and I will try to use the driver board, if I can figure out how it works. The alternative is to use a modern RC DC motor Driver. I got one that I have tested, it is small, looks like a toy, but can sustain way more current than the original one.

The CPU will probably be Raspberry PI, Linux based.
I have ordered a new Simrad 350 Linear activator for it. I work at Simrad (Kongsberg Maritime), but we now longer do these things in Norway.
I also ordered a new B&G Computer, I fixed the old one, but it can’t be used on ocean single-handed race.

Why not update the B&G as well? Hmmm, the B&G did an amazing job last year, I think I’ll stick to it for a while. The Raymarine on the X was not as functional, nor the Simrad on the Bennetau we sailed last year…
If something fails in the middle of the ocean and you are alone, its better to have equipment that can be understood and fixed.
The B&G is from another time period, back when things was quite easy to understand and fix.