In Amsterdam and picking up new safety railing rods

The season did not start as expected.
We first had an issue with some ropes in the mast and we needed to order some special equipment.
Then the boat got a lot of grows underneath, and will not sail. We expect to get it lifted with a special crane this Monday, but it was not as easy as one might think.

We changed the Autopilot Activator with a brand new one, same cine. We mounted the Raymarine C120 display with radar, the old Furuno is removed as is the original radio, now replace with a new Horizon 1700 DCS/GPS radio. We fixed the mount for the under-dek genoa fruler, using carbine fiber. It was a small fix. All the old computer systems was physically removed, and new ones are being mounted, running the same/similar software.

The custom Displays from Simrad will be installed this fall, as we do not what any more delays.

On our last sea trail we struggled with control as of grow.

I am still scheduled for a 14 days sea trail the two first weeks of August.