Autopilot on a smart phone!

This week we recompiled the code for the autopilot to run on Android phone/pad, and also iPhone/iPad !!!!!

As we use multi platform tools it was a matter of configuration to be able to compile that same exact code base to run on Linux, OSX, Windows, Android or iOS. And it worked, the Odis was able to connect over ethernet.

We now look at using the USB as USB OTG for Android systems. And then connect the motor driver to control the activator. On iOS we have ordered two serial cables, one for the new and one for the old iPhon/iPad connector. When we get that we can control the rudder activator with minimum components.

To control the rudder activator we use RC DC motor controllers. The are lo cost, can sustain over 100A current, and are easy to control.

A full autopilot for a boat can then consist of one activator, one motor controller and a phone/pad.
Most phones and pads got GPS, compass, and accelerometers, and can run charter map software.

We can get a full advanced autopilot in a phone, the user connects it when he starts the trip.
Plan the trip any ware, insert the phone to the charger in the boat and off you go. It still works as a phone at the same time :-)

In the Syllogic project we plan to use an Arduino board to connect to the CAN buss etc.