Feb 2013

RSS feed now working

RSS feed is now working for this page, the Facebook link still got issues !!!!

Høyskolen i Vestfold

It is Vestfold technical college that helps us with the Autonomus project that creates spin offs like this project. PS: The octocopter project shown in the csool homepafge is also my project HiV


Konsis is the design company that draws the new look for the boat, and designs the protective film that will surround the boat. Konsis

Elvstrøm Sails

ElvstrømSails and 9Tek work together on a new technology for better sailing. This is what this part of the project is all about. ElvstrømSails

Norsk Rigg service

On Tuesday we had visit from Norsk Rigg Service, to make the plans for getting the 9Tek AS X-Yacht ready for safe regatta and schooling/resurge this summer. In addition ElvstrømSails is working on the new Carbone/Aramid sails, and Konsis is designing the new look. Now it’s all up to me to prove that I can make the technology work. NorsRigg Service

Software status

The first test was inconclusive. Sins then we have found a serious software bug. Now in addition the entire software class layout is changed. Although we only want to do a technology demonstration, we want the software to be functional, bug free and able to reproduce the results every time. I hade never thought it would be this much work to make a iPhon/iPad app. But I want the app to support all IOS products and both portrait and landscape mode, so just that takes time. Then I want the app to be functional and scalable for future use. So now after aprox. 200houres, it is still not completed. But I am now working on Bluetooth LE 4.0 multi target details. Hopefully we can make another test next week.

Sailing in Croatia

The 12. April we leave for Croatia to sail for one week with the Oslo Sailing School. Oslo Seil Skole

ISAF Safety class in Bergen

9. til 11. April I will attend open ocean safety corse for sails. It is needed for Two Star. However this is in Bergen and last late at night, but the 12. April I need to be at Gardermoen as I then leave for one week sailing in Kroatia.

Math error found in the calculations

The resolution has sown to be far from expected, but today I found a math flaw. Once fixed the expected resolution was proven. We are back in business,.. :-)

Forst test of new sensors

Two of the new Smart Sail sensor prototype was tested in a simple wind tunnel on a small model sail boat. Se pictures. The results are inconclusive at the moment.

Smart Sail sensor working.

The new sensors now communicate over the wireless interface to any standard iOS smart device, that got Bluetooth LE 4.0. The Smart Sail software is written for iPhone and iPad, in both port rate and landscape mode. Se pictures. The super sensitive sensor now also seems to work, but the resolution is not as expected.

Elvstrøm and 9Tek agrees to work on SmartSail together

A meeting with the management in both companies agreed to work together on the new technology. Elvstøm Sails (http://www.elvstromsails.com/) will produce prototypes as soon as the design has been tested.

First entry

Hello World…
This is the first entry in this blog. But the project is several years old now. I ones wrote a report (http://www.havseiler.no/resources/autonomus/Terje-VM-pdf.pdf) about how this all started. After this we create the Autonomus (http://www.autonomus.no) project together with HiV (Høyskolen i Vestfold). This project it now on it’s second year. We had 6 students taking there bachelor examination on this project last year, and we have 6 new students this year working toward there bachelor degree. During the winter we founded a new project as a spin off. This is the SmartSail (™) project, that regard this page. It was found that controlling the sails was very hard, not only the mechanical side of it, but even more the software and sensor side. Remember that all this is about the MicroTransat Challenge (http://www.microtransat.org) so we need to sail fully autonomous. The onboard computers must make all decisions for several month. However the SmartSail project is also directed to a commercial marked, it can help sailors from novice to experts making better decisions.