Jul 2013

The 9Tek X-Yachts is sold.

The 9Tek X-Yachts is now sold, and the new 9Tek Sylogic will be sailed to Norway in August.

The famous "Syllogic", from Van De Stadt also named "Robosail" is sold to 9Tek AS

The famous boat “Syllogic Sailing Lab”, also named “Robosail” will now come to Norway and become “9Tek Syllogic”. A model of this one-of-a-kind boat built by Van De Stadt can be seen at the maritime museum in Amsterdam. This was the first sailboat in its class to cross the Atlantic Ocean computer assisted. Pieter Adriaans and the university of Amsterdam used this boat for its experiments from early 2000. After the project was done in 2008, the boat was sold to the well known Sander Bakker and Vester Knibbe at Tuned Rigs & Ropes. In 2009 the boat was rebuilds and repainted, using only the best equipment available, mainly carbon and titanium. Tuned used the boat as a show/demo boat until 2013, it is now sold to 9Tek AS.

This is a full carbon regatta boat in the Open 40 class, it is 12meeter long and 4meeter wide, needing 3.5meeter of water to sail, especially designed for OSTAR upwind cross Atlantic race. Open 40 is similar to Class 40, but with no restrictions to cost, solutions and materials. There are no other Open 40 boats in Norway, but hopefully “SOLO” and other Class 40 boats will let it compete. In short regattas the Open 40 will not be able to beat the Class 40 boats, but in long and open Ocean regattas the Open 40 got some advantages... Its speed record is 27.5 knots set by Pieter Adriaans. But sins then boat has been fitted with a new custom made carbon mast almost 2 meters longer, and with a mast top genaker of 170sq/m… And the main sail increased to 100sq/m square top, and both carbon sails. The canting mast is removed as of new regulations, but the new rig is better than ever. Rather than using rod-rig, the boat now got Powerlight-PBO rigging. The rotating keel is still there fully functioning. What the NORrating value will be for this boat is unknown, but it will be high.

“We are in contact with Pieter Adriaans, in addition to Sander and Vester, and will work with them and others to update all the computer systems and software. The 9Tek software and electronic will be integrated with the old system to make this boat even smarter and better to sail. The goal is OSTAR 2017” says Terje Nilsen CEO of 9Tek AS.

There are lots and lots of pictures and videos from this boat on the net. This is a true one-of-a-kind boat, so it’s all the same physical boat.