Mar 2013

NauticEd Sailing Course

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Airflow Simulations

The work on setting up the airflow simulations are in progress.

Ready for conceptual test.

We are ready to test the new technology, however the weather does not allow us to go offshore. We will do one more testing with the small boat and wind generator. At the same time I am preparing data to be sent to Vlad for analyzes.

Long term strategic cooperation with Norsk Rigg Service

9Tek and Norsk Rigg Service agrees on a long term agreement, securing service and support on the boat(s).
This secure continues maintains of the boat at a more predictable price. We look forward to a long relationship with Magnus Mørk and his team.

9Tek Regatta Team 2013

The new design is ready, this is how the 9Tek boat will look for the 2013 season.

Vladimir Maximov

I am glad to announce that my god friend Vlad, from the Moscow Aviation Institute is now on the team.
Vlad helped me in the first phase of the Autonomus project, working on some of the math. Vlad is an expert in advanced mathematics, especially filtering and estimations of sensor data. Last time we made an extended Kalmanfilter to predict the attitude and position of the sailing vessel. This was tested, and will be implemented as soon as the rest of the project catches up. The report is not released.
Vlad and I will look at how to filter the sensor data and estimate actual values.

Vlad is the owner of the
GyroLib project, that some of us has used and learned a lot from.

Differential data from two sensors

We can now se how the sensors respond to very small changes.
This shows two sensors; the green is the evolving temperature change, and the red our differential output. A weak wind moving from port to starboard.

Getting close first major milestone.

Today I got 5 prototype sensors to communicate with the main computer (iPad/iPhone) at once. I se now reason why we now should not be able to communicate with 36 units at the same time, only I did not make more than 5 units for now.
I also got the live graph plot to work, and found the memory leakage problem. It was the screen log buffer that got as large as the log file, and that had to fail sooner or later.
I got a small wind meter, a fan, and am close to do the test with a fictive sail. Just a couple of more days with preparation.

Join the Autonomus Facebook group.

Remember to join the Autonomus Facebook group. It is updated by students at Høyskolen in Vestfold, and regards the long work to tri to be the first ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean with a small 2.4mR fully autonomously, that is with now humans onboard. Also se “” the competition that regards this.
link to Autonomus on Facebook

Work on the boat started

Yesterday the first work on the boat was done. Today the work on getting the paperwork ready for raceing was also started.
And I got two channels on my sensor software working, for a while...

Match racing partner

Today we made an informal agreement with Jan Arne Hansen and his Kids@Work team regarding match racing this summer. It was there suggestion and a much appreciated one. To be able to fine trim sails, you need a second boat with similar performances on you’re downwind side ahead of you. First then can you se what changes really do without the complicated factor of metrological changes. Now we can work together and make small changes to se the results. Our computers can thus learn by doing and we will get a quick feedback. 9Tek’s new Radar will be able to track the match racing boat and tell the computers their relative speed.
Only problem is; both captains can’t stand to lose, so this can become quite competitive.