Sep 2013

The B&G Hydra Processor is fixed !!!!

The Hydra Processor consists of two CPU’s (Central Processing Unit). One is responsible for the acoustic sensors ++ and the other for the wind sensors ++. The one for wind was defect, and has probably been so for 6-7 years. But I was able to repair it, and now the entire B&G system is working. But some cable should be changed. At the same time I was able to make a very lo-cost FastNet analyzer for Mac.


9Tek signes agreement with Stentec

9Tek signs an agreement to receive a custom version of the “Sail Simulator 5”, to be able to get additional sensor data that is needed by the Odys system. This enable 9Tek to simulate the full computer system, before deployment.

“We are happy that we got this agreement, it has taken some time, but now we can work on the system all winter”, says Terje Nilsen CTO at 9Tek.


The former "9Tek", now "Lettskremt" ready for new adventures.

This is the link to the now named “Lettskremt” home page.
It will live on as a regatta boat.